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La Jolla, CA


The vision for Semantic Laboratories is to enable accelerated drug discovery research through the integration of Research Intelligence software to be used by both research scientists and research management.  To achieve this vision Semantic Laboratories provides IT and drug discovery informatics products with integrated consulting services. Services include custom integration, analysis and informatics development to support the drug discovery data solutions and research intelligence platforms that are available from both commercial and open-source bioinformatics, cheminformatics and pharmacoinformatics software providers.

“The effective integration of data and knowledge from many disparate sources will be crucial to future drug discovery.  Data integration is a key element of conducting scientific investigations with modern platform technologies, managing increasingly complex discovery portfolios and processes, and fully realizing economies of scale in large enterprises.  However, viewing data integration as simply an ‘IT problem’ underestimates the novel and serious scientific and management challenges it embodies – challenges that could require significant methodological and even cultural changes in our approach to data.”

David B. Searls*, "Data Integration: Challenges for Drug Discovery", Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Volume 4 January 2005  *Senior Vice President Bioinformatics, GlaxoSmithKline


In support of research data and knowledge integration, Semantic Laboratories has recently developed SLabsResearch™, an enterprise search system designed specifically for drug discovery research. Developed using state-of-the-art open source  Semantic Web and search engine technologies, SLabsResearch™ integrates "conceptual query" mechanisms to allow research scientists to discover, retrieve and integrate complex experimental results and synthesized knowledge from any and all knowledge sources available within the organization or available on the World Wide Web.


Enabling semantic searching across research data stored in relational databases, Semantic Laboratories has recently created SLabsRDBMSearch™, a platform for real-time indexing of data stored in research databases and made searchable from  SLabsResearch™ Developed using robust open source software, SLabsRDBMSearch™ uncovers potentially hidden data in research databases through the same interface for searching documents.


In support of research knowledge capture, Semantic Laboratories has created SLabsCMS™, a research document management systems based on the open source enterprise Alfresco Content Management System (CMS).  SLabsCMS™ extends the Alfresco content model, templates and workflows to align more closely with drug discovery research.  Content managed via SLabsCMS™ is made searchable from SLabsResearch™.


In support of research knowledge capture, Semantic Laboratories has created SLabsForums™, a collaboration platform based on robust open source software  for creating and managing research discussion forums. As a more secure alternative to using the corporate email system for internal communication, SLabsForums™, captures the internal electronic discussions amongst research scientists  and makes them available for searching  and retrieving using SLabsResearch™. SLabsForums™ can also be used for communication with external collaborations.

Coming soon (2008): SLabsFlow™

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